Letter To My 20 Years Old Self

Letter To My 20 Years Old Self


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Hey girl, Firstly above everything, I hope you are happy and healthy. Did you achive your dreams? your goals? Do you still not sleep to make your dreams come true? Are you still as ambitious as you are now? I hope you are. Do you work for an company or so you still work on yourself to make you btter and better? How’s school going? I hope everything’s alright. You were the most disciplined person I’ve ever seen. Are u still? Do you talk with your university friends? How’s your family? How’s projects are going? You are still making great projects right? Do you still have a dream of your own company? How’s your friends?

After so much questions I hope I’ll get the answers I’d like to get now. I hope everything’s alright and you are doing great jobs. It’s been 2 years. I hope you did some real things in 2 fuckin’ years. However, I feel like I’ll be proud of you. Don’t let me down. Don’t let yourself down. Don’t forget
discipline is the best teacher you can have in this world. I hope you’ve got the network I want to have. Life is going too fast I hope you didn’t waste your time for stupid things. You are 20 now, you’ll be 30 one day and I don’t want my 30 year old self to look at my 20 year old self and spitting in your face. I want to be proud of you, I want to be happy thanks to my discipline, hardwork. You were better than most of your peers thank to your discipline, hardwork, character. Hope you still have those and you are still better than them. They are not your competitors, your competitor is your yesterday self VS today self. Don’t think, act, talk, work like others. Do better. Make everything better. Do your best. Do better than your best. “Life is short. Have fun. You’ll never be at the same age again.” These are trap words. You’ll never be at tha same age so you gotta work harder than ever. You’ll not be like them I mean if you want to be like everyone it’s okay go have your fun. But I don’t want you to be like EVERYONE. You are better than that.

Long short story, I hope everything is okay and you are doing great. Good luck on your new goals. Stay gold girl. Keep going. You are rock.