2023 Goals


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I am a little late to write my goals for 2023, but I still want to write them down to keep them in mind.

Learn JavaScript

  • I have been wanting to learn JavaScript for a long time. Last year was really productive for me as I started university and learned HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, a little bit of C#, and SEO. While keeping good grades, I also did many projects. This year, I want to learn JavaScript and a few more programming languages and make projects using JavaScript.

Learn React

  • After learning JavaScript, I want to learn React.

Learn NodeJS

  • After learning React, I want to learn NodeJS and crown it with my knowledge.

Learn About Web3 And Enter The Industry

  • After learning all of these, I want to learn WEB3 and enter the WEB3 industry.

Get the First Tech Job If You Can

  • My goal after all of this is to get my first tech job. I emphasize “if you can” because if I want to continue improving myself after all of this, I will draw a completely different path. Also, it may be a bit difficult for my first technology job to be in the Web3 field, as I want it to be.

Get 15 Certificates

  • I think the certificate is an important factor to fill out my CV, so getting 15 certificates in software and technology fields, as well as language certificates is among my goals this year.

Write 20+ Articles

  • I enjoy writing articles, and I am still new to article writing, but if I write 20 or more articles this year I think it will be good for me to expand my knowledge and network so I added writing 20+ articles to my goals.

Expand Your Network

  • I think having a network is one of the most important things in this industry. Another goal I have set for myself this year is to expand my network, both in terms of social media and through events. I want to have a strong, useful, and powerful network.

Achieve Your Financial Goals

  • I have set some financial goals for myself this year. My next goal is to achieve these goals and be financially stable.

Create 100+ Repositories And Continue To Make Projects

  • One of the most challenging goals I have set for myself is to create 100+ repositories and diversify my projects. The projects I will do are already certain, maybe more or less but this year I want to make at least 100 projects.

Read 30+ Books

  • As it is something I already enjoy doing, I don’t think I will have a hard time achieving this goal even tho I lost my reading habit. My goal this year is to read at least 30 books, or even more.

Continue To Keep Getting Great Grades

  • I am a freshman in the computer programming department at Adnan Menderes University. The first semester is over, and my GPA is currently 3.83. Graduating while keeping my grades like this is one of my goals, but since I wrote down short-term goals, my goal is to continue keeping my grades good this year.

Continue To Take Active Roles In University Clubs

  • I currently have an active role in the Aydın HSD (Huawei Student Developer) club, and I am a member of many other clubs. I want to finish this year by continuing to take active roles in clubs.

Find A Place For An Internship

  • Currently, I am already doing a voluntary internship at Tamamliyo, but I need to complete a mandatory internship for school, so my other goal is to find an internship placement and successfully complete both the voluntary and mandatory internships. ⚡👩‍💻

Complete the 100 Days of Code Challenge

  • Another goal of mine is to complete the 100 Days of Code Challenge, which I just started yesterday. So far (even though it has only been 2 days) it is not difficult in fact it is enjoyable. I hope I will still be saying the same thing on day 50 or even day 100. Also I will keep sharing my progress here.

Thank you for reading my article, see you in the next ones! 😊👋🦾