#100DaysOfCoding- Day 1

Apr 7, 2023ยท

2 min read

#100DaysOfCoding- Day 1

Today I decided to start 100 days of coding challange. I want to push myself hard and hard and harder so I thought about it and could not find any reason to not accept such a challange. I am already coding almost everyday but sometimes I want to be lazy and I dont want to code or do anything so this challange is perfect for me to get ride of my lazziness. Lazy people cant have anything they want and I am the kind of person who gets and suffer for what I want. So shall we begin? ๐Ÿ˜

Today I write code on json file I was trying to make a translate from Turkish to English when I click the tr/en button and I worked on that for hours I had some errors and tried to solve them I solved many of them and I asked help from other people when I could not. We had many daily meetings from the company I started being an intern. I started learning JavaScript. FINALLY! ๐Ÿคฉโšก I am currently watching a JavaScript tutorial from a Turkish Youtuber. I wrote codes about JavaScript. I am still watching that tutorial and keep writing codes. See you in 2nd day and lets see if I will be able to keep doing it for the next 99 day :)