#100DaysOfCode- Day 3

#100DaysOfCode- Day 3

Apr 9, 2023·

1 min read

#100DaysOfCoding- Day 3

People liked a lot my notes from JavaScript Tutorial so I decided to fix and share my C# notes.

You can follow the link to see my C# notes: https://github.com/busenurcetin/C--Tutorial-Notlar

Besides that, I kept learning JavaScript from the tutorial and added the notes I took in my repo. I made a body mass index project and also shared that in the JavaScript Tutorial Notlar repo.

Today was not so productive but I still keep coding if I was not into this challenge probably I would not code today I would use it as a free day. Let's see
how will the remaining 97 days pass. How close will I get to my 2023 goals thanks to this challenge?